Thursday 12th May 2022

Dermatology String of Pearls AM

Speakers: Dr Chin Whybrew, Dr Hannah Wainman

The GGPET Committee have planned this dermatology session with our speakers Hannah and Chin..

Title: Help! I need some advice and guidance

1. To be able to formulate an advice and guidance request to get the best response
2. To be able to identify inflammatory skin conditions in primary care
3. To be able to differentiate skin conditions in people of colour

To be able to identify clinical features of concern when assessing skin lesions
To be able to formulate a management plan for skin lesions, even when uncertain about the diagnosis


Date: Thursday 12th May 2022

Time: 09:30

Duration: Half Day

Location: F2F at Sandford Education Centre

Members' Price: £0

GP Price: £70

AHP Price: -

About the speaker

Dr Chin Whybrew

I qualified as a GP in 2001 and after 5 years in my first partnership, I relocated to Cheltenham, working as a locum, a 3-session salaried GP, and did some community paediatrics for a few years. I then took over a partnership role in Cheltenham from a GPSI in dermatology (this was deliberate – I always loved dermatology), and soon found that I needed extra training! I did the diploma in practical dermatology in 2010/11 and was then asked mark and moderate the online forums. I did the Cardiff dermoscopy course, again I was asked to stay on as a tutor. I joined the primary care dermatology society (PCDS) committee, and have been instrumental in changing the dermoscopy teaching, helping to update the general dermatology courses run by PCDS and organise some of the meetings. I run dermatology education sessions for various groups (GPs, registrars, nurses, HCAs, pharmacists, podiatrists, even dermoscopy teaching for dermatologists– anyone who is interested, frankly!) I have recently started offering GP dermatology improved access sessions to patients from across the network and feeding back to the referring GPs with annotated photos where possible.

My main passion is teaching dermatology and dermoscopy to anyone who will find it useful, whatever their qualifications or role. It’s such an interesting and exciting subject, I love to have the opportunity to pass on my enthusiasm and in doing so, to improve the care of patients with skin diseases where we can do so much more in primary care with a bit of extra knowledge. We had so little dermatology teaching at medical school and during the VTS, and yet such a large proportion of our work is skin related, and we can make a huge difference to people’s lives, even by just managing eczema and acne confidently.

About the speaker

Dr Hannah Wainman
Staff Associate Specialist Dermatology
Dermatology Lead for the MB ChB Medical Undergraduate Programme and Champion for the Inclusion of Skin of Colour University of Bristol

I gained my medical degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2001. I then completed my foundation training in the Oxford deanery before doing my GPVTS in Gloucestershire. I worked as a GP partner for 5 years whilst also holding a clinical assistant post in dermatology. In 2017 I gave up being a GP altogether and have never looked back! I currently work as a SAS doctor in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Within our trust I am the SAS rep for dermatology and I am also on the local negotiating committee.

I am the dermatology lead for the University of Bristol undergraduate medical program. As part of this role I have become involved in diversifying the curriculum particularly ensuring that all skin types are represented in teaching material across the medical school. Through this role I have also become involved in the British Association of Dermatologists Skin of Colour Training Day committee.

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