Thursday 22nd February 2024


Speaker: Mr Okechokwu Okonkwo

Check back for more details as we plan this session with our speaker, Mr Okechokwu Okonkwo.

To be confirmed.


Date: Thursday 22nd February 2024

Time: 19:30

Duration: Evening

Location: Teams

Members' Price: £0

GP Price: £45

AHP Price: £30

About the speaker

Mr Okechokwu Okonkwo
Consultant Otolaryngologist

In addition to providing a general ear nose and throat ENT service, Mr Okonkwo has a special interest in conditions affecting the nose, sinuses and face. This includes sinusitis, nasal polyps, rhinitis, blocked noses, deviated noses, smell and taste disorders, hayfever and allergy.

He provides a broad range of ENT procedures and specializes in sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, septal surgery and treatment of skin cancers of the head and neck.

He has set up the South West of England's first smell and taste disorders clinic in conjunction with the Fifth Sense charity.

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