Wednesday 15th May 2024

GGPET String of Pearls- GP Wellbeing AM

Speaker: Dr Sarah Richards

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"The bay at the back of the ocean"

A workshop giving protected time and safe space for considering wellbeing at work; team cultures, dynamics and dysfunctions; the impacts of complaints on the doctor and the art of contemplation for self care.

learning objectives

to promote self care and resilience
To recognise stress and burnout
To know when to seek help and be aware of sources of support
To recognise dysfunctional behaviours and consider our responses
To facilitate consideration of improvements in own team cultures, promoting supportive environments where people flourish and are valued
To consider the effects of complaints
To promote shared discussion and learning from others
To consider and appreciate the use of humanities, art and poetry in wellbeing.

To be confirmed.


Date: Wednesday 15th May 2024

Time: 09:30

Duration: Half Day

Location: Sandford Education Centre

Members' Price: £0

GP Price: £70

AHP Price: £30

About the speaker

Dr Sarah Richards

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