Wednesday 11th May 2022

Pearl Fishers at String of Pearls

Speakers: Sarah Walters, Tom Deacon

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Our very popular course this year focussing on learning from our Nursing and Allied Health Professional Colleagues. We will have 25 minute rotating groups examining the following services: 1. Rapid Response Team 2. Podiatry 3. MSKAPS 4. Childrens Physiotherapy.



Date: Wednesday 11th May 2022

Time: 09:30

Duration: Half Day


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About the speaker

Sarah Walters
Urgent Care Clinical Lead, Rapid Response Practitioner and Lecturer at Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust

Rapid Response provides an urgent care service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is for adults who are registered with a Gloucestershire GP who require community-based care which prevents an unnecessary admission to hospital.

Rapid Response practitioners have advanced clinical skills to assess and treat people with conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, urinary tract infections, sepsis, acute kidney injury, infections requiring oral or IV therapy and delirium. We care for frail adults, people requiring palliative care in crisis and complex falls patients.

We also carry out diagnostics, such as near patient blood tests, and will ensure provision of appropriate oxygen therapy, medicines and equipment. Non-medical prescribing is available.
Referrals are made via the Single Point of Clinical Access: 0300 421 0300
Out-of-hours referrals are managed by the Out of Hours service and come direct to the team. Call: 0300 421 6900

About the speaker

Tom Deacon
Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist in Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Working in Specialist MSK Triage Service and in MSK interface clinics for spinal and peripheral MSK conditions.

MSKAPS (Musculoskeletal Advanced Practitioner Service) is a specialist service which GPs and other health care professional can refer to for assessment of a musculoskeletal problem (a problem with their muscles, bones or joints such as lower back pain) which has not be helped by the usual management methods for the condition, such as exercises, medication, rest, physiotherapy or podiatry.
The team includes highly specialised physiotherapists, podiatrists and GPs plus admin support. Every member of the clinical team has had specialist training in musculoskeletal conditions.
Clinics are run in a number of locations across the county. The team also has close links with local GPs, other health professionals and services within local communities such as exercise and support groups.
Contact us
Southgate Moorings
Kimbrose Way
Call: 0300 421 8323
The assessment is carried out by an advanced physiotherapy or podiatry practitioner at a variety of clinical sites within Gloucestershire. Following the assessment a plan will be made between the health professional and yourself recommending the best course of action for your particular problem.
You will also have the opportunity to discuss and receive information on your condition and how you can manage it most effectively.

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