Wednesday 19th June 2024

ST session for VTS training Child Health

Speakers: Davina Richardson, Rachel Thomas, Dr Heather White

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check back for more details as we plan the session with our speakers.
Topics will include the 6-8 weeks baby check and the common signs/symptoms that parents bring up, for example, abdominal hernia/lump, talipes, rash/dry skin, vomiting (?reflux), plagiocephaly, and the management/observations/referral pathways for these.


Date: Wednesday 19th June 2024

Time: 14:15

Duration: Half Day


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About the speaker

Davina Richardson
Children’s Specialist Nurse Bladder & Bowel UK

Having worked with children with acute needs, with disabilities and with complex and life limiting health issues I set up and ran a new NHS community bladder and bowel clinic for children before becoming part of the team at Bladder & Bowel UK.

My role at Bladder & Bowel UK includes providing general advice, support and information to anyone affected by a bladder and/or bowel condition in children, training for healthcare professionals, education for families, involvement in research projects, sitting on national groups, writing for peer reviewed journals and working with commercial companies to support product innovation.

I remain enthusiastic about breaking the taboo of bladder and bowel issues and working in diverse ways to ensure that children and young people are offered optimum support for bladder and bowel health to ensure that they reach their potential.

About the speaker

Rachel Thomas
Lead Specialist nurse
Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Care Team
Acute &Community Paediatric Department
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

About the speaker

Dr Heather White

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