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Providing education for Gloucestershire GPs

Gloucestershire GP Education Trust is a non-profit making, educational charity mainly funded by membership fees.

We provide a responsive online education programme relevant to Gloucestershire GPs’ learning needs. Our aim is to deliver high quality, easily accessible GP education which is good value for money.

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Upcoming Courses

22nd February 2024


In association with The Winfield Hospital on Teams

Mr Okechokwu Okonkwo

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06th March 2024

ST session for VTS Dermatology

Dr Chin Whybrew

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14th March 2024

Breast Implants

In association with Winfield F2F

Mr Tom Chapman

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18th April 2024

Motivational Interview (2)

John Whitson-Russell

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13th May 2024

String Of Pearls Education Week

In association with f2f at Sandford Education Centre

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19th June 2024

ST session for VTS training Child Health

Davina Richardson , Dr Miles Wagstaff, Rachel Thomas

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We try and offer a range of courses to suit different GPs.

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Individual Membership



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(Not available for higher rate 40% tax payer)

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If at least 2 GPs join GGPET, all practice GPs benefit from the reduced practice rate and PNs/ AHPs can attend events gratis

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Membership Includes:

Unlimited access to all GGPET events including String of Pearls and recordings for 1 yr.

Free attendance at Nuffield and Winfield events with a meal.

Although recording CPD units is no longer mandatory for appraisal, there are significant benefits to networking with LOCAL primary care and acute/ community clinicians to understand our LOCAL pathways and where we can LOCALLY signpost our patients.